How We Choose Who to Nominate

The Dentonite’s editorial board works with members of each community represented in nominations to help build a ballot. We’ve worked with community members to revise our categories each year to make sure we are recognizing the appropriate creative categories.

Current editorial board:

 Tori Falcon
Kristen Watson
Anjelica Fraga
Tiffany Johnson
Sara Button
Joseph Medina
Garrett Smith

 We will send out an email to members of each community represented in hopes of them suggesting nominations for each category. You can view the 2019 DAM Awards Categories here.

Anyone interested in being considered for being part of nominations can email for more information. Nomination emails will be sent out in October and due back a month later in November.

 After nominations are received, the editorial board listed above will meet and create a ballot based on the responses received. Once the ballot is approved through all members, we will create a voting form that will be made available via to the public in December.

 Voting will remain open through the first week in February, a week before the event. Once voting closes, a member of the editorial board will collect responses that determine winners in each category. You may vote one time. If you have trouble with voting or the website, please contact

 Winners are determined by votes collected during open voting times.

 The Dentonite’s editorial board reserves the right to remove nominees from the voting ballot once voting begins. If the editorial board does so, a statement will be made alongside the removal of the nominee outlining the reason.