feb 2017

The 2017 DAM Awards may have missed some categories or awarded something wrongly, but it is obvious they want to honor all who take part in Denton’s expressive fabric. They didn’t feel like they had the authority to be absolutely correct, but knew as citizens of Denton, who are all artists or work closely with artists, that this could be something really special. They saw a way to inject positivity, friendship and networking into these scenes so everyone may build up one another.

Denton may be kooky, but The Dentonite is fighting the good fight for our happy, family portrait to exist.

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dec 2016

The Dentonite will present the Denton Arts and Music Awards on Feb. 11 at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St. The blog has posted a nomination form with 22 music categories and 14 arts categories, but with a caveat: Nominations are invitation-only. The blog plans to post a ballot on Jan. 9, and local arts and music fans will be able to vote.

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